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When I submitted the app for approval, it gave rejection. I don't understand given point by shopify developer due to rejected app.


Can you explain how can I solve given below points?


  1. Your app is not working on multiple stores that all use the same email address. You are required to make sure each store that installs your app can run the app successfully without errors. Looking up my email address in the partner dashboard for your application I'm not seeing a previous install from my email address.

  2. This app is incomplete, or has an incomplete listing. Apps submitted for review must be completed products with completed listings. Please refer to the Shopify App Store requirements checklist and listing requirements before your next submission. A full review was not conducted as this time.

 -> Here How can I use same address for multiple store to install app in different store?

-> And in second one point I've listed app functionality properly event it also gave error.


Please help.

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Difficult to tell with not knowing anything about your app, however I'll take a stab:


1 - How are you storing the shop information in the database so you can later find out which store is making requests? I'm guessing you want to look up records based on shop name but almost sounds like you are using email address for this (which doesn't make sense to me). We use a record for account which is based on unique shop name and access token. Email address is just a part of that record but not used for lookup during requests.


2 - I'd just recommend going through the requirements check list with a fine toothed comb. I'm surprised they didn't mention what was missing, but you can't go wrong if you have the checklist down. No magic there. You must have missed something non-obvious?



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