Access denied error while trying to complete checkout with Spreedly

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This is the approach I am following (referenced from
1. Create a payment method on spreedly.
2. Create a shopify receiver and deliver the token created above.
3. Pass the vault id received from step 2 to shopify and complete checkout.
On third step, I am getting an error: Error: CheckoutCompleteWithCreditCardV2 access denied. I have understood that payment processing should be enabled before this step can be completed.
I am using a private app to query storefront api and create a checkout.
According to shopify docs, we need to first create a public app and then convert it into sales channel before requesting payment processing. However, I am unsure about how the rest of our setup will be affected. Can we still create a checkout, update line items etc using our private app and pass it to the public app for completing the checkout/payment? Or can we use the public app for everything moving forward?
Or would it be better to just request payment processing for our private app? I found this in shopify docs.