Accessing a newly created object from theme

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Sorry, I'm new to Shopify and GraphQL, so I'm not even sure how to ask the question using the right terminology, but here it goes:  I added a date picker to the basic Debut theme. 


  $(document).ready( function() {
    $(function() {
      $("#date").datepicker( {
        minDate: +1,
        maxDate: '+2M',
        beforeShowDay: jQuery.datepicker.noWeekends
      } );

I notice that this does get saved and associated with the order.  Can I access this new date object using GraphQL? If so, how do I find it in the hierarchy?   (Use case:  Restaurant, due to Covid 19, must select date and time for curb side pickup of food item)

Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey @pjakobsen ,


Welcome to the forums and welcome to Shopify development!


Theme questions are better suited for the boards of "Technical Q&A" and "Shopify Design". This board is for questions about Shopify's Admin API and SDK tools.


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