Accessing order and customer data on native iOS/Android app (non-Shopify platform).

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Hello everyone!

I am looking to develop an iOS/Android app that will require access to Shopify web store data such as order info and customer details like customer name, customer address etc. Is it possible to have access to data such as order info, shipping address  etc. in a 3rd party iOS/Android app (non-Shopify platform) ?

As I understand, Shopify allows apps that exist on Shopify platform (installed through Shopify app store to access orders and customer data, but my question is if native iOS/Android apps (installed via Google Play or Apple App Store) can get access to Shopify store data by logging in via Shopify credentials).

Use case:

1. User downloads 3rd part app called 'My Online Orders' via Apple App Store

2. Users then uses Shopify credentials to "connect" to Shopify web store data 

3. Order data starts showing up in the native 'My Online Orders' app 

Thank you in advance! Eagerly looking for some help and guidance!

Thank you!

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This is technically feasible, the merchant's Shopify access token that you receive after during OAuth will provide you with access to those API endpoints (based on granted scopes) that you can then use within your native mobile applications to make API calls. 

The challenge though is that in order for you to have a public API key that you can use for multiple merchants, you will need to create a public app that is approved by Shopify and their review process isn't well set up for native mobile apps (last I checked). The alternative to getting your app approved is each user of your app would create their own "private app" and share their API key and secret with your app, but that's a high friction experience vs. OAuth.

This thread might be instructive: