Account automatically created via Multipass. What is the Shopify password?

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The Multipass docs state that customer is automatically created if not found:

In this case, user = customer created via multipass
Some questions:

1. Is there a default password for this user? 
2. Tried Reset Password on this user & it works! So in this case a user has password tied to the Shopify account. How do we know if a Shopify User has a password set or not?

Reason I'm asking is because we want to implement a 3rd party auth (e.g. Google)
If User created a Shopify account via Google - They cannot unlink this Google account without setting a password. However, with the current APIs I'm not able to determine if the Shopify account has a password yet or not.


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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi @Nicole_Tan ,


To answer your questions:
1 - If a new customer account is created through Multipass, by default they will be assigned a randomly generated password
2 - There is currently no way to directly determine if a customer account for your store has a password set or not through the Customer Admin API. However, when generating a Multipass token you can specify a unique `identifier` as part of your customer data. Then after the customer account has been created, you can use the Customer Admin API to retrieve the `multipass_identifier` property for that customer (which will correspond to the same `identifier` you set in the customer data of the Multipass Token). Since we know that all customer accounts created through Multipass will always have a randomly generated password assigned to them by default, you can use the `multipass_identifier` property to check if a customer was created through Multipass or not and if so then you would know that they have had a password set by default. 

Hassain | Developer Support Specialist @ Shopify
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