Active EASDK nagivation link doesn't change


I'm setting up the EASDK navigation extension with my app.


Everything is working, except that the active link style doesn't change when I navigate between pages (the first link in the navigation is always highlighted). How is this supposed to work?


This issue is holding up our next app release, so I'd really appreciate some insight. Thanks!



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The navigation links only match the beginnings of the paths, and they're only checked and updated if you use App Bridge navigation actions to wire them together, which might explain what you're seeing. In the mean time, I'm going to look into documenting this when I get some cycles.


That said, we're working on improving this experience in the future.


Thanks @Alex for your reply. Turns out it was because my main page was /app, and the other links were all under /app/*, so because it only checks the beginning of the path, I guess it just stopped at the first match. That doesn't seem ideal, but I guess at least if it is documented behaviour, it should be okay.

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