Add Carrier Name in the Shipping line order JSON

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Currently, Shopify is integrated with the system named Sellu Seller for the order management they need the Carrier's name from Shopify on the basis of certain criteria and we are passing the carrier name in the additional attribute. Now they need the carrier name in the title of Shipping lines. I just want to ask how we will do that, is it possible?

"shipping_lines": [ { "id": 2306684616857, "title": "Standard Shipping", "price": "139.00", "code": "i_s", "source": "SMI's Shipping Rate Provider", "phone": null, "requested_fulfillment_service_id": null, "delivery_category": null, "carrier_identifier": "13208843c324df3301f2f0b637f1d18e", "discounted_price": "139.00",
Currently, the title is Standard Shipping we need to send the carrier name instead.
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Hello @SalmanAziz 

Why do they need the carrier name? The shipping line already contains the carrier_identifier which means it was processed by a 3rd party carrier service which should be able to pull the name of the carrier based on that same ID.

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