Add Tip Amount to Order Confirmation Email

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We recently added the new tip feature to our checkout process.

I want to display the tip amount in the email confirmation that is sent to the client and to the email notification we receive.

Right now we have to go into Shopify to glean the tip amount out so we know how much to pass along to our Service Reps.

Is there a way to display this tip amount the template? I couldn't find the Liquid Variable on the Shopify support documentation.

Any "tips" would be appreciated!


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Hi @BigNate , welcome to the forums!

I think there is a `total_tips_received` field in the `order` object. You might be able to access that in Liquid?

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This is an accepted solution.

That did the trick Stubbs! I added this little snippet to my New Order template.

<p> Tip Amount: {{ order.total_tip | money }} </p>

So easy and works like a charm.

Thanks very much!