Add discount codes and Stripe integration to draft order

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Hello, we are integrating the shopify admin apis inour app/server.

At the moment the app has a cart saved locally, and during checkout we create a draft order. The payment process is handled through Stripe by the server and th draft order is setted as completed once the payment is done. We have 2 problems:

1) We would like to add discount codes to the application, is there a a way to caluclate the discount amount and if it's valid based on the draft order and the discount code?

2) Is there a way to set the order payed through Stripe so the refund can be done in the Shopify dashbord and automatically executed by Stripe?

We are also evaluating to change our flow to use the Mobile -Buy-SDK and the checkout method, but it's important for our app to save the Credit Cards informations, is it possible at the moment?