Add link tag to <head> via Application Proxy

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I have an application proxy and want to add a new link tag to the <head> code

<link rel="amphtml" href="<some_url>">

few questions:

1. I can change title of a page using 


  <%- if @Page_title -%> 
  {% capture page_title %}
    this is my page
  {% endcapture %}
  <%- end -%>​

Is there any equivalent for the amphtml tag?

2. Can Shopify cache responses or will the application query URL get requested every-time someone visits a page?

3. Can I pass variables from my Shopify app to theme? I basically want to add the `link rel` tag only to a subset of pages and want those pages to be configured via the Shopify app. I understand that I can use a combination of app-proxy and AJAX call, is there any other way outside of that?