Adding Cash Redemption Value (CRV) to specific products

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I am trying to find a solution to the issue of adding 'cart fees,' specifically CRV, for certain products in our online store. These fees would need to be associated with specific products and also be calculated by how many items with CRV attached are in the cart at checkout. For example, CRV for a single product is $0.20. If the customer has 6 of those products in the cart, the CRV would be $1.20. This CRV should be shown in the cart and at checkout above the subtotal of items and be calculated before taxes and shipping and to not include tax.


I attempted using a third-party app for this order fee, which worked up until our checkout page. Unfortunately, the third party app has limitations with Ajax checkout and cannot override the checkout.


Is there a way to modify the Ajax API to include these specific product fees to calculate and show CRV? This is a Cash Redemption Value, so our end customer purchasing the product has the ability to recycle the finished product and receive that redemption value back. It is important to us to not simply add this fee into the price of the product, but rather clearly state what the fee is so we are transparent with our customers about the added charge since this fee is mandatory by CA law.