Adding React.js app/widget to front end through ScriptTag API

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This question is for app develpoment and seeks to avoid theme modifications. Is this how one would add a React.js app after a Cart button on Shopify product pages on the front end:


1. Find a common id for Cart buttons and/or divs in popular Shopify themes.

2. Use the Script Tag API to load a javascript file.

3. The javascript file selects the common ID. Then it uses insertAdjacentHTML() to insert a new div with an id like "injectionDiv"

4. A 2nd call to the Script Tag API loads a bundle.js file. This is the React.js application

5. This app/widget targets "injectionDiv", thus rendering the app.


Please let me know if I am understanding the flow correctly, thank you.

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Curious about this answer as well?


I'm also wondering how to do this. Any updates? The lack of response in this forum is frustrating.

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