Adding Tips to an Order Using the Order API


Hey everyone,

   I've been trying to add a tip to an order while creating an order using the Order API.  The new tip fields on the order API are not marked as read only.  I've tried to add a line item with the new `line_items.tip_payment_gateway` and `line_items.tip_payment_method` as well.  I've also tried to add the `total_tip_received` field and the data is never added to the created Order and the API does not return an error.  Based on the Order API documentation all three of these fields are writable.  I've also looked over this announcement post, and tried adding a `` of `Tip` with the new fulfillment status but nothing seems to work.

Would someone be able to guide me on how we can add tips when creating orders using the Order API as there doesn't seem to be any documentation on how this works and the fields are not accepting the data I'm providing.

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.  

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