Adding items from multiple merchants in one cart on a Shopify Sales Channel

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Hello everyone,

I'm looking to build a sales channel for Shopify that would allow Shopify merchants to reach new buyers on my platform. My platform will be a marketplace for specific types of Shopify merchants, where each merchant will have a storefront, but where I'd want buyers to be able to add products to their cart from multiple stores.

My question is the following: using the Shopify API, can I build a sales channel that allows buyers to purchase from **multiple** merchants on my platform? i.e. will the shopify API allow me to add products from **different** merchants in one same cart? Or can buyers only purchase from one merchant at a time?

I've been reading through the documentation here:

It explains that there are 2 ways to build a sales channel:

  1. Using Permalinks -->
    • This link says that: "These permalinks work best for apps that enable buyers to buy items from a single merchant in a cart." 
    • So it'spretty clear that this is not the solution I'm looking for 
  2. Using the CheckoutAPI:
    • This link says that: "For purposes of example, we'll build a sales channel that enables buyers to purchase a single merchant's products from your platform".

My conclusion: Given that the Permalinks documentation explicitly states that Permalinks work best for apps that enable buyers to buy items from a single merchant, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Checkout API enables what Permalinks don't (i.e. buying items from multiple merchants in a cart).

One workaround(if it's allowed), would be for me to build my own cart system, which in the background, triggers multiple CheckoutAPI calls for each merchant/product combination?

Any help figuring this out would be greatly appreciated.