Adding more than one tracking number to a FulfillmentOrder - not possible?

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Hi all,

I know similar questions have been asked, and trust me, I've spent a few days digging around before posting something.  So here it is:

  • I integrated with my store by registering my app for fulfillment order based fulfillments.   
  • When it comes to fulfill  my order, there's items that ship in multiple boxes, at different time, and probably from different locations, hence, I have the need of continue adding tracking numbers as I get notifications from my suppliers.
  • In theory, based on what I've read, the only way to add multiple tracking numbers for a FulfillmentOrder is to create more Fulfillments, because a Fulfillment can only hold one tracking number, am I right?
  • The problem I came across is, whenever I post the first tracking number by creating a Fulfillment for that FulfillmentOrder, Shopify automatically closes the FulfillmentOrder resource, and it doesn't allow me to add another Fulfillment to it.  I get this error:  "The fulfillment order is neither in an open nor an in progress state."  Even if I try a minute or two after the first one.

There seems to be no (documented) way of adding an extra tracking number to the same item when integrating with fulfilment order based fulfillments. 

Any suggestions?

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Shopify Staff
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Hey @alopez_aa,

You're correct on the third point, from the Fulfillment resource docs:

A fulfillment order represents a group of one or more items in an order that are to be fulfilled from the same location. A fulfillment represents work that is completed as part of a fulfillment order and can include one or more items. You can use the Fulfillment resource to manage fulfillments for both orders and fulfillment orders.


Each fulfillment supports a single tracking number. If you need to use multiple tracking numbers, then you should create separate fulfillments. 

So while it is possible to have more than one fulfillment per order, you'd create separate fulfillments (with separate tracking numbers) each time.

CalD | Developer Support @ Shopify 
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