Adding new API permissions after app is Published

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Hello there,

We have a Shopify app which is already Published few months ago. Now we want to add a new API permission (Order API). So how to process this? Do the currently subscribed clients need to re-install the app?

Any help would be appreciated.

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It is pretty easy. You add the new scopes to your oAuth request. You get the merchant to re-auth with the new scopes. They will be asked to approve the new scopes you need automatically by Shopify. When they approve that, they access the App and all is well. If you still use cookies to enable sessions, the crazy way I would force new scopes on merchants was just to change that cookie so no one had it. That way, for sure, the next time they accessed the App they'd be asked to approve the new scopes. I am sure there are better ways.


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