Additional Payment Gateway T&Cs

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We're currently in the process of developing a new app to allow an additional payment gateway (Finance) by using a new 'Manual Payment Method', Checkout and Order APIs. We won't be using the Sales Channel as we don't need anything it provdes. The App will be unlisted (not private) and will likely be on a few stores - but not publicy listed.

In the API T&Cs it states that "When using the Shopify API, you will (and will ensure that your employees, agents and service providers will): not use an alternative to Shopify Checkout for web checkout or payment processing, or register any transactions through the Shopify API, without Shopify’s express written authorization. This Section 2.3.18 only applies to Public Applications.". As our app is not private, nor public are we exempt from this rule? The T&Cs don't have definition for 'Unlisted' Apps.

I've tried speaking to Shopify but they've redirected me here.. As they "do not support API queries". Anyone had a similar situation? Can someone confirm if we are exempt from this rule? And if we do need written permission where do we get it?