Admin API - GET /admin/customers/#{customer_id}/orders.json - Not showing all customer orders

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As the title suggests, I'm running the following Admin API query:

GET /admin/customers/#{customer_id}/orders.json

The first time I ran the query for my personal account, it returned no orders. I checked to make sure my account had orders, and indeed it did, but all of them were older than 6 months ago. I made a new order on my account and ran the query again. Now I'm getting an order returned, but just the most recent one. I confirmed the account has 7 orders on it.

Is there a time limit to this query to only return orders from a certain date rage? I was assuming from the nature of the query that it would return all customer orders.


Thanks - Alex

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Hi Alex,


Were you able to find a solution to this? I am facing the same issue.