Admin API vs. Storefront API for fetching products from another store

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Hi everyone, 

I would like to build a web app that fetches all the product data from any Shopify store. For example, the best case would be a user would come to my website, authenticate access to their Shopify store via OAuth, and then our app would have read-only access to their shop's product data. 

The goal is to be able to do this with the least amount of time devoted to development. Using the Admin API seems to require going through an app approval process and creating a listing. Would using the Storefront API be a faster solution? 

Any help would be appreciated! 


To use either the Admin or Storefront API, you would need to create a public app (listed or unlisted).

Both types of public apps require approval:

Which API you should use depends on what your use case is, they should both take relatively the same time to develop with.