Advantages of passing a FTP website to shopify

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Hi ,

I have a small business E Commerce client that has a website for more than 10 years with a FTP server. I would like to show him the advantages of migrating to shopify but have no technological expertise in explaining the advantages. I want to recommend because front end operations will be easier ( I am a marketer) and could easily work around SEO, apps, emails , campaigns and all features Shopify has. I also know he would benefit from integrated POS , stock management, Order reports etc. At the moment he has a lot of external tools to do the above ( control panel, POS software, back office, and others) and everytime he needs to update some code ( example insert hreflang tags, or fix heading tags, etc)  create quick landing pages and form he is not in control and requests  expensive dev work- things which I could easily do it if the website was hosted with Shopify. Can someone help me naming these advantages ( or disadvantages) please?


Thanks in advance