Allow API To Pull Order Only After Waiting For 6 Hours

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We are trying to configure a way in shopify, that our distribution company does not pick up orders using the api that have not had a 6 hour wait from submission, while the customer has an oppurtunity adjust their delivery address.

Is there a way to do this with the api.


We don't want to pull only every 6 hours because orders that come in last minute have not waited the 6 hours. 


Thanks Nick

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So we can query for orders that have a created_at timestamp in a certain range. For example, let's say your distribution company polls every hour. They could specify timestamps that are more than 6 hours ago but less than 7 hours ago from the current timestamp.

The only thing (based on recent discussions on here) is that there are mixed results querying orders based on timestamps. Either via the GraphQL API or the REST API. Especially depending on the number of orders being pulled. Overall dates seem to provide consistent query results, but narrowing things down to specific timestamps can result in some missing records. It seems that the GraphQL API pretty much ignores timestamps and just assumes all dates are midnight. Whereas the cursor paginated results the REST API provides can leave orders out. At least this is what I've run across...