Amazon Integration

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Hi All, we use 3PL software that links our orders to our third-party distribution center and that software uses our SKU number to identify products. Orders from Shopify work flawlessly, but Amazon not so much. Once the order is placed on Amazon it then goes to Shopify Orders and what is pulled over is not the SKU number, rather an "Amazon Order Item ID" which is per item and changes with each order so that can't be used instead of the SKU. From there we get an error message by email from the 3PL software.

This is the error message we get from our fulfillment center when the order comes through Shopify from Amazon and then through 3PL....

"Dear Valued Customer,

Please be aware that an order file scheduled to be imported has failed.
LineItem with no sku. Order(#6782).

Thank you.
Customer Support Team"

On a normal Shopify order, it says the SKU number where the Amazon Order Item ID would be. This is how 3PL identifies items. See attached.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Also, it would be great to have an option in the shopify amazon channel settings to adjust this.