An error occurred while getting the order:page cannot be passed

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request :  /admin/orders.json?status=open&financial_status=paid&updated_at_min=2020-06-20T11%3A41%3A41%2B08%3A00&limit=50&page=1

response : {"errors":{"page":"page cannot be passed. See https:\/\/\/api\/guides\/paginated-rest-results for more information."}}

I know that the API pagination method has been adjusted after 2019-07, but the API of our system has been used for several years, and the order fetching of other stores is normal. Today, I found that 2 new store APIs returned new errors, which made me very confused.

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This is an accepted solution.


Your api requests are being directed automatically to the latest supported versions of the api which currently 2019-10 which require cursor based pagination. You can find more info here 

Then on July 2, 2020, the following will happen:

  • The 2019-04 and 2019-07 versions will become unsupported.
  • Requests with no API version specified will be served the 2019-10 API version.
  • Requests for the 2019-04 or 2019-07 versions will no longer receive those versions. Instead, these requests will fall forward to 2019-10.
  • Webhooks set to 2019-04 or 2017-07 will fall forward in the same manner.
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please mention the api version in your request after the admin like this


in your URL there is no version please look


and i also want to mention this point that in shopify only version 2019-04 can support page tag in your URL.



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The early SDK API of our system did not have a specified version. It should be the official modification of the default API version that caused this problem. I have modified all API versions of all stores, thank you