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Maybe it is not a new question but I want to know if is possible to create a shopify app with Angular?

Is there anything which I need to consider? I am following the following course:

After 2 hours React looks like a bunch of code blocks and needs more time to understand the mix of components.

But I think Angular works better for me. I like that the html and javascript or typescript is separated. 

I guess I can not use the React library polaris from shopify.


Thanks in advance


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Hi @machu 

In theory yes. Is it practical - opinions may be different but I'd say no considering how much information is available for Shopify app devs when using AppBridge and Polaris components for React.

That said, you can of course use Polaris styles on their own without the React components. That way you'd at least retain the design system guidelines set forth by Polaris and your app would look more Shopify native.

You will have a difficult time avoiding AppBridge though. You can avoid some of its components such as ResourcePicker but seeing how it's the state layer (uses Redux under the hood but that shouldn't concern you as you won't need to or can use it directly) bridging your app and the host shell (Shopify Admin) you'll need some of it.


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