Another "Required parameter missing or invalid" thread /order.json with API

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I'm trying to programmatically create orders for this dummy item here. Here's the curl I used:


curl -X POST '' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d '{
    "order": {
      "line_items": [
          "product_id": 1884330262574,
          "variant_id": 16960861732910,
          "quantity": 1
      "financial_status": "pending"

Axios is having the same issues... It seems from the documentation you can just use a variant ID and not even a product ID but I'm still seeing the following error:


{"errors":{"product":"Required parameter missing or invalid"}}

I feel like I'm this close to cracking the case. In fact, I managed to programmatically add the order ONCE but not since then (I'm not sure if lack of customer prevented it from being created as a duplicate or what but I lost the working code.)


It feels like I'm not getting the IDs right - please refer to the item xml link.


Thank you much in advance 🙏



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One quick thing, I've noticed.

You want to create an order, but in your code it says you are using the products.json, but instead it should be the orders.json.

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