Any plans to enable developers to select whether to receive GraphQL/REST parameters in webhooks?

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I use the GraphQL API for apps, but when using webhooks as well, it gives some extra development work.

For example I do an initial sync where I handle orders and transactions, and I do this with the GraphQL parameters that are available for orders and transactions.

I would normally re-use the same logic for the webhooks, but the parameters in the webhooks are related to the REST API, which means I have to do two different implementations, as the parameters does not match (I am e.g. missing the order.source_name from the REST API when I do the GraphQL logic).

My first move was to fetch the order/transaction from the GraphQL API when I received a webhook, via the 

admin_graphql_api_id parameter - but I realized that is a bad solution, as it does not perform well in relation to high order load and using API calls.
Are there plans to have an option to select which API parameters an app should receive for a webhook, or something else that could solve this problem?