App Flagged for Lighthouse Performance and Revised Requirements

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One of our Apps has been flagged as for reducing lighthouse scores by more than 10%. I had a couple of questions on how the performance scores have been calculated:

1. The attached documentation mentions that the performance scores are checked on a fresh store and comparison is between pre and post installation on the home page. If and App works predominantly on Detail and Collection pages, does this score even hold water? The apps that just affects the home page of the storefront gets unnecessarily penalised.

2. What is the exact environment where the tests are conducted? Given that the Lighthouse scores vary by a large margin (I've seen from 60-90 scores for the same store), is there any clarity on how and where the tests are conducted? Is there caching enabled?

3. We have multiple Apps on the marketplace and a predominantly common codebase and App bundles. However only one of the Apps were flagged while the other wasn't. What could be the reason behind this? Its mind boggling to us that one App is flagged while the other isn't when 95% of the codebase is same except for a few snippets that need to added manually.