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Just curious. I got my localhost App Proxy version of my code working on the shop. So I put on my big boy pants and setup the same proxy in the Production version of that App. So that App is also installed in the same store. Couple of things jump out.

When I did a call to my endpoint   /tools/fuzzywuzzy   the response was bitching that the ngrok localhost host version was not responding. OK Fair enough.

Conclusion: If you make two identical Proxy end points in the same store, chaos will ensue.

So I erased the Proxy from the localhost host App. 

What did I expect to happen now? I expected the Proxy in the other App to pick up the slack and pump data at my Proxy. After all, the exact same code all around in the other App worked perfect.

NO GO. Nothing seems to work here. So what is the problem Shopify? What is one supposed to do in this case. I erased the Proxy setup and re-set it.

About the only thing I can figure on trying is re-installing the App but that is NOT going to happen. Any clue as to what we should do and try in these cases?

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