App Rejected (shopify_app gem): In Shopify POS, we were met with cookie related error

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I am baffled and frustrated for a couple reasons.

  1. I created my app using shopify_cli_tool which uses the Shopify app gem. In the rejection notice, they linked me to this: However, it says that if you're using the shopify_app gem, this should be handled. The only thing I "modified" was I added a billing API check on the home controller and copied/pasted the snippet of code from the example

  2. This is the screencast they recorded: It looks like the tester is using an iOS emulator and not actually adding and opening the embedded app within POS as intended, but going to Settings > Apps > and then clicking on the app. Is this something they're supposed to test? Regardless, I can't reproduce this on my iPad, but this also is not how one is actually supposed to add and use an embedded app within POS. 

I read this thread and it didn't seem to help:

Any idea on what I should do here? I've successfully gone through the app review process before with an embedded POS app where I wrote all of the OAuth + billing checks by hand and got it to pass and never faced any cookie issues (I just grab shop origin using url params and do hmac validation on each request).