App Review process

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Hi guys,


looking to get information about  app reviews process. Shopify provides good information how it  goes:, however there are missing questions, that  does not get answered. My guess is after you went once over  the  process, those get answered, but can someone let me know:

1. If App is Free, no billing features, and after a while you include them, do you need to pass another review?

2. Does changing app permissions, push you again to review process?

3. One app is approved, is there reason/case that fore you go over approval process again?

4. I see that all public apps (listed or unlisted) goes in review process. Is there a way for unlisted app to go in the process faster, or with less checks? Just because it will bt not shown to anyone other than beta testers? Or until app pass review process you cannot set it to be testable (other than private app, which is not something we want).