App Updates

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I am looking into apps and understand the basic flow however I have a question about App Updates. I suppose there are multiple parts to this question so I will try to break it down.


Once a user installs an App this will do the necessary authentication, billing and app specific functionality, however what about new features and security.


 1. Admin updates can be rolled out and deployed to the app itself and I guess this is just more of clarification on if this is best practice and how it can be communicated with users e.g a notification in the admin area that the App has been updated and new features can be accessed at X.


2. Frontend changes, if an App uses a proxy, sections or snippets these can be modified via the Partner App Dashboard and I guess the changes would flow through to the installed stores? What about if the Asset API has been used to create a new template within the theme itself, the store owner could modify this template within the theme itself and then future upgrades would overwrite the changes, what would be the best way to go about this?


I could be wrong on all of the above so if thats the case clarification would be very much appreciated.