App got unlisted. False positives for deprecated calls

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Hi all

We at have recently faced a disruptive issue - unlisting of our app and tag “unsupported” next to the app on Application pages of our clients’ stores. This all led to consequences and losses we are still to analyze and calculate.


The official reason for unlisting was sending deprecated calls by our app as if the app had been using outdated API version, despite the fact that the API had been duly and timely updated.


Shopify Support team traced these calls from our app to several stores and since the calls had been broken the team unlisted us.


An important irregularity here is that should the app’s API have been incorrect/outdated, the calls would have been sent constantly (if the app had the corresponding code at all), however there were only a few calls registered during a 2-month period, which is strange and illogical (the code either works all the time or does not work at all).


The big thing is that our app never sent the calls and didn’t even have the code for that.

Looks like the issue has something to do with Shopify health check reporting.


We’re looking to escalate this issue until things become clear and the root cause is eliminated. It is impossible to plan any business strategy until we are sure we won’t get blocked all of a sudden again.


We simply can’t afford another disruptive unlisting.  We also have information that our app wasn’t the only one hit by this glitch.


Being a long-time contributor to Shopify Community and loyal partner to the Platform and merchants, we always strive to keep our apps fully compliant with all technical, ethical and corporate requirements / standards of the ecosystem.


The reason why we actively draw attention to this case is that until the cause of the glitch is found, many app developers are put in an unpredictable and risky position.


What we kindly ask Shopify team to do is:
1. Initiate a deeper inspection of Shopify health check system and/or any other related mechanisms responsible for triggering the unlisting.

2. Nail the reason of false positives and provide details so that one could understand where it all came from.


We, from our end, will be happy to share our findings should there be interest from Shopify Team and the Community. 

Anyone else hit by the issue perhaps?