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Hi folks,

I am new to this forum and to Shopify apps as well. I have a small web based app which I would like to integrate with Shopify. The Shopify Public Apps seem to be right way.

Schema in my app is very similair to Shopify. One Store (Business in my app) has multiple user accounts.

I would like to find out how apps are working actually - when you install an app to your store, it is tied with your user (staff) account or is it available to any staff in particular shop?

Imagine user Josh install app to store X. Another staff member Adam click on this app (open/run it). Does this app have information about current user?

A have seen that it is quite common when installing some app which has undeŕying web/cloud behind it (Oberlo for instance) it also creates an new account for user in this web/cloud. So back to my schema, when both users Josh and Adam from a single store X run the app from Shopify, there is created business X in my web app. It is also expecred behaviour that both Josh and Adam have separate user (staff) acounts In my web app?

Dis I express myself understandably?
Thanks for any advice

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Hey @luke1988,


Apps are available to all users, but the store owner is able to set explicit permissions per user. So if your app manages orders, a user will need the apps and orders permissions to be able to use the app.


Shopify apps also allow for 2 different access modes, online access or offline access. Online access is meant to be used when actions are tied to a particular user, usually for actions taken when the user is taking actions with your app on the web. Offline access is meant to be used for actions your app takes when no user interaction is required, usually for jobs that run in the background such as syncs or scheduled updates.

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