App rejection - please help me understand

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This is our third app for Shopify, but this one has been rejected (twice) and I just cannot understand what we did wrong. It is a simple conversion tracking app for Google Ads. Can anybody please help? These are the three rejection points


>1. Your app name cannot be a generic feature. Please update your name to something that is unique and true to your app. Ensure you also update your app name in the partner dashboard to match this as well.


 My Question: But the name is not generic, it is unique (although similar to one other) and we updated the name in the partner dashboard. What must we do?


>2. Your application requires an account in order to function. This is preventing us from completing the review. Upon resubmission, please include test credentials so we can complete your app review.


MY QUESTION: We must provide access to the Google Ads account? Okay, but when you get in there, there is no way to test anything.


> 3. Your app has many features requiring multiple steps to be completed in order to attain full functionality. Upon resubmission, please include a screencast showing the onboarding of the app and its core functionality


MY QUESTION: The app has only one feature and one step to be completed. I attached a screencast of how to do this. What else do I need to do?