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We are looking for a way to support seamless internationalization for our app, which include loading the app in the correct language already picked by the user for the admin panel. Do we get the current user's language preference from the AppBridge or in the iframe passed info somehow ?

Also, How do we translate the Configured embedded app navigation links to switch name when languages are changed ?


Thanks for your time reading this and hope to get an answer soon to help provide a better experience for all our customers.

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Hey @wmeligy_revamp,


When you use App Bridge, Shopify includes the locale as a URL parameter in the request to your embedded app. For example:

The locale is also provided in the staffMember app state. For example:

app.getstate().then((state) => {
  const locale = state.staffMember.locale;

More information:


Regarding embedded app navigation links, the AppBridge team are working on launching dynamic navigation items which will address multi-language support. I don't have a timeline for this right now, but keep an eye on the changelog as updates will be posted there.


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I've seen comments in a couple different threads about i18n in the embedded app navigation but no notes on progress and haven't seen anything in the changelog. @_JB is this still on the todo list or should I replace embedded app navigation with my own?