Apple Pay Issue with ios Mobile Buy SDK

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We are building a mobile ios app for our shopify store using the mobile buy ios sdk. We've followed steps found in and to setup apple pay for our private app. Now when trying to checkout a beta build of the app, we are able to populate apple pay but the transaction fails with a message stating "Payment Not Completed" We're not getting any logs from xcode for this issue, but from the mac console see:

"n-app payment failed, error: Error Domain=PKPassKitErrorDomain Code=-2007 UserInfo={NSUnderlyingError=0x282155f20 {Error Domain=PKPaymentWebServiceErrorDomain Code=0 UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=<private>}}}"


This following method is not called on my end when I enter the passcode on apple payment control as well: 

"public func paymentAuthorizationController(_ controller: PKPaymentAuthorizationController, didAuthorizePayment payment: PKPayment, handler completion: @escaping (PKPaymentAuthorizationResult) -> Void)"


This function should be called after a user enters the passcode, so not sure if this is an issue with the certificate or something else from the Shopify site. Any help would be greatly appreciated as this issue has plagued our team for close to three weeks.






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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey @aguacasa ,


Can you verify that you are correctly generating your Apple Pay certificate file and uploading it to Apple, as described here? Issues with this certificate file could be causing these errors and exceptions you are seeing with Apple Pay.


If you could provide more information as well, we could look through logs on our end to see where the issue may lie. If you could provide the value of the "X-Request-ID" header in the response of your API call to Shopify, that would be the most helpful. If not, then if you could provide the name or ID of your Shopify store (or DM it if you feel more comfortable) and the approximately the time you saw the error occurring (with timezone) I should be able to locate these errors through our logs to get more information


Hassain | Developer Support Specialist @ Shopify
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