Approaches for public app and webhooks in php

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hi i'm very new to shopify app development.
I know php and I want to write a public app with php and read the orders with webhook and send them to ERP.
1. First of all, is this approach correct?
2. I wrote a public app for trial purpose and I took the token data and saved it to my mysql database and reached the json, but here I cannot retrieve the data of the user who owns the shop that installs the app. (Or I haven't learned how to get it yet) So I ask the user to create a username and password, and then I plan to check the token with the appropriate username and password when the user wants to login. Is this my approach correct?
3. I set up an oop logic and wrote a library called shopify. I can now pull json with php. Now when orders are made, I want to trigger these orders with webhook and then send them to ERP. Is this my approach correct?
4. I created the webhooks on the app (eg created for product update). But when I updated the product, I could not get the data. but i can read webhook.json and i can also see i have a product update webhook there. but I cannot read the .json of the updated product. I could not find an example at this point. therefore I want your help at this point too.
Thanks for now for all your help.