Apps for Partners not Merchant Stores

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We are facing the issue that we have some apps that are more tailored towards agencies that individual merchants.

So agencies use the app with multiple stores from various merchants. 
We would love to provide them with a consolidated plan. 

What this means: 
We would love to be able provide apps that could be installed by partners (not merchants) into their partner portal.

Then those partner could install the real app to individual merchant stores.


The key would be that billing would be done via the partner app - especially interesting would be a usage based charging.

And the partner could define how the merchants are charged (if they want that at all)

What do you guys think? Anybody else with similar needs?

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Community Manager
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Hi @GerwinB,


Partner APIs have been requested in the past! I can definitely see partner apps proving useful, and can see this be something discussed as Shopify continues to grow. I'd recommend subscribing to our developer changelog if you aren't yet, in case we announce anything that might pique your interest.