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So, I'm building this public app that's going to make product sync among other things. I'm using GraphQL in our back end and I was wondering how to go through the auth process. What I mean is, I know how the process goes as it's stated here, how should I do callback part?


If I use Express, simply mounting a route for the callback would be enough to handle the logic. But how to do it with GraphQL endpoint? Maybe I should handle that with Express and the rest with GraphQL?


BTW, I'm using MERNG stack and the auth process is all manual (not using shopify-express plugin just to name one).


Thanks in advance!

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey @francominds ,


Currently speaking, Shopify's OAuth Flow for public apps is only available through REST. So you would need to handle this process with Express JS (unless you were planning to use a library that handles the OAuth flow for you, like koa-shopify-auth or shopify_app gem), and the rest with GraphQL



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