Automate product CSV import

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We are in a situation where we need to update the price and quantity of potentially several thousand products per day, as well as adding new products. The products are acumulated from an external site, and we track a delta to determine which products have changed since a point in time (ie. daily). We have a database view set up to quickly facilitate generating a CSV (of only changed products) from the view, and could upload this manually every day.

However, that is obviously an extremely nonideal approach, and we are looking to automate it. We understand the Shopify does not provide any API/GraphQL for bulk updating products; however, we are wondering if there is a suggested approach for automating a CSV product import? Does anyone have experience with automating something like this? If there is no way to upload the CSV through an API, is there a recommended approach for using something like Pupeteer to automate the upload (worried about 2FA, etc)?

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Yes this is easily doable using the API.

I have helped many customers with such automation and happy to assist, drop me email