Automatic bank transfers with Shopify API

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Hi everyone!

First time posting here, so apologies if the question is too simple or nor properly formatted. Please feel free to correct me.

We are planning to develop a specific app tailor suited to our shopify store, to automate the fullfilling of orders. I know there might be exiting apps that do that, but we want to develop something very specific just for us. We have experience developing other apps under different environments, but this would be the first one on shopify. We have pretty much everything planned and designed, apart for a couple of details that I'm not sure if/how can be done with the Shopify API. So I'm wondering if the follow things are possible:

  • Program the app so it runs itself once a day.
  • During this run, transfer a certain amount of money to suppliers (via bank transfer).
  • Pick which supplier basted on shipment location.

The idea is to have an app that once a day batches up all the orders, creates a .csv or something like that and sends an email with all the orders to the supplier, alongside an immediate bank transfer. I'm aware of some apps that could do similar things, but none seem to do it exactly as we want. So we decided it'd be better to just develop our custom app for that.

We have been working out structure and functionality of the app, and the remaining pieces that we are not sure about are those links in the API. I've been diving in the documentation and I can't find any part that mentions transferring money from Shopify Account to a supplier's bank account. Neither have I found anything about setting the app to run processes automatically.


Any hints or suggestions will be extremely appreciated. Thank you very much for your help!