Automatically adding meta-fields to orders upon creation for an authentication system

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Hello all,

I'm looking for a way to add custom meta-fields to an order upon creation in order to use for an authentication system I've made. Basically, I sell digital files that remote load from my server and in order for a customer to verify that they've purchased the product, they currently enter their order# and email into a file and then when they load the product it uses Shopify API to verify if they're legitimate. This is obviously causing issues when it comes to people sharing their credentials as I have a limit to how many people can authorise at one time and I can't just let people freely change their email to reset the authorisations and void the stolen/shared credentails from working.

If I could have a token in the form of a string of numbers/text generate and add to each order as a meta-field, automatically, as soon as an order is created by a customer purchase, I could target that with the API for authorisation rather than order# and email, meaning instead of altering account details to void the stolen/shared credentails from working, I would just need to change/generate a new token.

This is all theoretical and I have no idea if it's even possible, that's why I'm here :P