Barcode Scanner API access

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I can't imagine this is a new idea but has anyone had success with getting into the barcode reader portion of the POS. I would like to see whats needed to allow any Bluetooth barcode reader to work with the system.

Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Are you trying to connect a bluetooth barcode scanner to the POS app, or trying to build an embedded app that can use a scanner to scan codes?




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hi there please help 



Need Urgent Help from people who do FBA and Retail Using Shopify
PLEase help willing to even pay for the solution.
so I am sure lot of you guys here have already figured this out, so our products have xxx barcode printed on our products, but in shopify we have yyy as a barcode , so i want to ensure when on pos we scan xxx the yyy product pops up ,so storing 2 barcodes on this product is the only solution I can think of but Shopify doesn't let you do that. the reason is we have amazon fnsku printed on our products and that is alphanumeric and for gmc purposes, we can not put alphanumeric barcodes in Shopify ( gmc throws an error ) so now on Shopify pos we will be scanning fnsku but it will say product not found coz the product has a numeric barcode in Shopify pos