Batch Processing with API?

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How do developers achieve bulk updates through Shopify admin API to change metafields of products in the store?

We want to do this through our app with as minimum API calls as possible.

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestion.



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Shopify Staff
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Hey Seth,

At this time, we don't offer any kind of bulk metafield updating mechanism through our API. If your concern is with hitting the call limit, this blog post offers some nice strategies for both budgeting/planning/conforming to our leaky bucket algorithm efficiently and an approach to applying multiple metafields to one resource with less calls.


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Hi, Just a follow-up question, SInce this was answered in 2017, Is there any API now to create, update products in batch(REST or GRAPH)? I have gone through the docs. I couldn't find the API that can do this, Can anyone point me to that if it exists..