Batch delete products based on a tag

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I need to delete about 20,000 products that have a certain tag (woo_upload). As this cannot be done by admin panel, I hoped to do the following:


  1. Export csv with the products with tag woo_upload
  2. Run API product DELETE against the csv

The problem with this is that product ID is not in the exported csv.

An alternate approach is to use 2 API calls for each delete (a call to retrieve the product ID from SKU, and a call to delete). Though is going to be problematic with API call limit and seems a crazy approach.


Is there really no simple way to do this?


Advice much appreciated. Thanks

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This is an accepted solution.

You can do this via Admin UI.


First you need to add a filter "Tagged with" and your tag woo_upload. Then select all using the checkbox in the table header and "Select all 50+". Then Actions > Delete selected products.


Hope this helps!

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