Best Approach for Complex Pricing Rules for Product?

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Hi all, I'm looking to build a store on Shopify selling products with complex pricing rules. I have strong experience with Shopify and custom builds/theming however this one's got me stumped.

The products will be acrylic tiles with an array of variant options:

  • Board color
  • Thickness (both horizontal and vertical)
  • Cutting face finish
  • Quantity (with discounts per volume)
  • Corner processing (round, oblique)
  • Drilling (screw types, positions)
  • Corner cutout
  • Taper (angle, length)

Most values will be user entered, aka fully variable (with rules for min/max) not preset dropdown/select options.

Any combination of the above will affect pricing, defined by a set of rules.

From my research:

  • Shopify's product variants wont work as this is limited to 3. 
  • Shopify's line item properties wont work as these don't affect price.
  • I have looked at plugins such as Product Options by Bold however I worry this wont be maluable enough.

I wish to utlise Shopify for the customer info, reporting, security, checkout and payment processing. I itend to host this website on separate servers to Shopify and to utilise Shopify's API for product listings and add-to-cart. I have done this before, see here →

I'm stuck on how to apply the custom pricing. My naive thought was that I could manage all the pricing rules in the theme (via Javascript). These would get calculated and applied as the user selects various options. When the user clicks "Add to Cart" I would manipulate/post the price for that particular order to the cart. I know there are huge security implications here so I'm looking for a more "legit" solution. 

I did see a suggestion on a separate post. When the user clicks "Add to Cart" programatically create a new Shopify product with the correct price and all the chosen options as notes. Then automatically add that item to cart. This actually doesn't sound like bad idea, however obviously we'd end up with a huge number of products and it would mess with reporting.

Any ideas?

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Unbelievable but true:
Apparently only 1 price rule can be active in Shopify at a time.
I fear that I have to conclude that Shopify can only handle B2C web shops, and is not suitable for B2B wholesale web shops.

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Hi, were you able to solve this?

I have a similar issue I have a pricing table based on 12 options for length and 17 for width so in total 204 different prices for each product