Best Approach to sync all customers from store

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I have one application which needs all customers need to be synced with the application.
Normal stores are having nearly 2K-50K customers which generally synced within half hour. 

But some store has nearly 150K+ customers which causes delay time.


I am using REST API due to that I can sync only 250 customers per call.
I am using Laravel framework for backend and MYSQL for database. 

What is best approach to sync faster for customers or any other data like Products, Orders ETC?

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There's no magic workaround for API limits. Ensure you're avoiding any throttles or exceeded the call rates and let everything be managed in a nice queue. One thing you may want to do is compare REST api to GraphQL. Perhaps the calls you're making are better suited to one or the other so perhaps there's a speed difference to be had.

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