Beta process for unpublished (in-development) apps in real stores?

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Hi, @Jamie_D_ 

How are you? now I am facing the same issue.

But I can't install dev public app to real store in your way. (enabled on only dev store).

When I tried to install dev public app to real store, I was provided  the below error.

"This app needs to be reviewed by Shopify before it can be installed. Contact the app developer for more information about this app."

Do you have any other solution? How can I pass this step?

I built app according to this link 

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@Edith_Jenkins1 if it is a public app then it must be reviewed by Shopify, otherwise only your dev store can install it. The only way around this would be to create a Custom App for a single merchant. 

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Thank you

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I've built an entire application - like, it's done - in PHP. The final step is simply linking a custom app to the store. It should NOT be this difficult.

After tons of conflicting information, I was FINALLY able to get past the redirect loops, errors, and the rest. I have been working specifically with the shop owner and even have admin access to the shop, but because only the owner can accept app requests I can only make new attempts when he is available. Having to constantly say, "try THIS link now" feels crappy.

Everything is built properly and to the EXACT specifications the documentation provides. This is a custom app and I have no plans to list it in the store or sell it on shopify. Now that the install link isn't erroring out, it instead brings them to the installer page with a red X between the app and store name, and the "install" button grayed out. 

I cannot find a single way to fix this. The closest was some sort of node/react alternative to try, but this implementation can't rely on that (will be running under owners AWS and he wants only PHP, which SHOULDN'T be an issue).

Here's a screenshot of it. I have been at this for almost two days. The app is done and I've spent TWO DAYS just trying to figure out this absolutely horrendous handshake. If anybody has any insight it would be greatly appreciated.