Billing API and correct flow

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Hi folks,


My question is this:


What is the correct flow if you wish to let the merchant use the app on a free plan and then upgrade later?


- Merchant installs app. I mark him in the database as free tier.

- I give him a button on the web app to upgrade.

- Merchant later presses the button which calls the GraphQL mutation addSubscriptionCreate on the server.

- I get the confirmation redirect which goes back to the UI for the redirect (redirect on server would give CORS error).




- Merchant installs app and the addSubscriptionCreate is initiated to ask the merchant if he would like free/paid tier.

- I mark him in the database as the tier he subscribed to and store the charge_id.

- We continue as normal.

- I guess then the above scenario would apply for upgrading a tier.


So I'm wondering which of the above flows is generally correct (or are there other options) and then what is the best way to implement an upgrade plan flow.



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