Billing (Subscribe Plan & Charges) and Apps reinstall process

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Hi everyone!
I have Embeded application and I can't understand billing process of this application.

Step 1:
The first installation is ok.
As soon as App has installed Customer has to approve paid plan.
For example:
Here is $7 for 30 days and $10 as a limit for other charges.
Looks good.
Then I can use charges for Customer, and again it works fine.
Information about Customer's plan and limit of charges available on "About" page.

Question #1: But if Customer click to "View current invoice" button - there is will be nothing. Is it ok? Where He can see invoices for plan and for charges?

Step 2:
Customer uninstalls the App, ... and installs it again.
During the re-installation, there is nothing about Billing and nothing about Subscription plan.
Question #2: Does it mean that Shopify automatically applies already accepted billing and subscription plan from the first installation?

However, in any case after the second installation, there is nothing about billing or subscriptions in the "About" page of the app.
Question #3: Is this absence of billing and subscription information on the "About" page correct?
Probably not, because if we try to make a charge, it seems that Shopify considers the app as a free one and returns a mistake:

"Client error: `POST` resulted in a `422 Unprocessable Entity` response: {"errors":{"recurring_application_charge":["is not active"]}}"

Final question: how do we keep charges active when the app is re-installed?